Living Daylights

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Living Daylights is a four-piece band comprised of lead vocalist Chris Perez, guitarist Mike Haddox, bassist Andrew Musselman, and drummer Harry Brooklyn. This powerful group of musicians bring their own individual musical backgrounds to create A High Energy Preforming Band Live with a soulful sound. They incorporate elements of Funk, Blues, Rock, Rap, Pop and Originals into each performance. They are currently a highly accomplished and sort after cover band in South Florida. 


 Living Daylights Bio


          We are a four piece band based out of south Florida with a rich history.  Chris Perez and myself (Mike) met sometime in 2003 when my band Westview was looking for a singer.  We ended up writing and self recording an EP and signing to our drummers faux record label.  The music was very poppy, almost irritatingly catchy.  We went on a crazy ride with this band. We played shows all over the country, we went to celebrity parties, we moved to california, we recorded in famous studios like Oceanway in Nashville.  After a dispute with our drummer and record label CEO (haha), we decided to call the band quits and move home.

          Eventually (couple weeks later), we got the itch again.  We started our second band Beauty to the Moon.  This was an aggressive, in-your-face southern rock post hardcore mix; a big contrast from our former band.  These shows were so much fun to do. Our trademark was a Jack Daniels bottle at every show.  We started to really get noticed when Rob from the band Nonpoint saw us play a show.  He asked us to start opening for the band every time they were in town at the Revolution.  We did a handful of shows and our name started to spread through the local scene. At one point, GWAR was in town and their opening act Job For A Cowboy had to drop off the show and we got called in to fill their spot.  What an memorable night that was!

          Being in an original band is hard because you make very little money.  So a year or so into this band, we had the idea of starting to gig to make some cash to put back into the band.  Not all the members of our band could keep up.  So those of us who could (Chris Perez, Steve Laudicina, and myself) started Bobby and the Renegades; a blues funk band.  We enlisted a long time friend of mine, Harry Brooklyn on drums and found a guy named Mason on craigslist.  Things were going great, we were making money and having a great time doing it.  Eventually, egos between the 3 original members of Westview (Chris, Steve, and myself) started to clash when Steve decided that playing the blues was his true passion.  This is right around the time that our other band, Beauty to the Moon, was about to land a major record deal with Beuler Bros. This completely threw us since we were friends and writing partners for over 7 years.  We never followed up on the deal.  Both bands broke up, and Chris and I once again decided to punt.

          In the summer of 2012, we started to play shitty bar covers and some of the old blues/funk material we used to do in Bobby under the name "The ScumDogs": named after our dog "scummy" when we were roommates.  We used my good friend Harry for this project since he was awesome in Bobby and Andrew Musselman who used to fill in for Bobby gigs when our bass player was sick.  We had been in so many different styles of bands that we just wanted to have no boundaries in our set list.  Our covers span many genres: country, rock, alternative, funk, blues, jazz, and hip hop. We've started writing original tunes that are in the vein of Circa Survive and later Thrice:  Ambient, Progressive, and Aggressive.  Blues and funk always sneak their way into our writing as well since it engrained itself in us in the Bobby days.  Our goal is to eventually not have to play covers and promote ourselves as an original band. Our passion is in the music that we create. But what ever we do our Live Shows always are Intense, Cover band or Original band..

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